• Land Freight

    (The least truck load) cargo and trucks with loads LCL (full truck load) FCL trucks '40 / '20 big specialized carriers

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  • Sea Freight

    FCL (full container load) (normal - high - open up - carrier – the tank)
    LCL (goods units) (parts per container)
    TANK (liquid, gaseous and packaged goods within the private tanks)
    RORO (equipment goods)

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  • Air Freight

    ABC Cargo has the expertise and the ability to move single or complex shipments by air, at any time and to any destination. Especially dangerous goods.

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About ABC

Company Profile
ABC Cargo is the freight forwarder and logistics, an Egyptian limited liability company owned by the private sector, subject to the Egyptian investment law which is to provide the list of outstanding quality.
That is still out to maintain its loyal customer base.
We ABC Cargo company offer shipping and logistics services to all parts of the world, which includes all aspects of transport through highly qualified professionals 
Management has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the movement of goods around the world, a qualified industry in the transport of goods incoming and outgoing.
ABC Cargo came first of the Egyptian leading freight forwarders and logistics companies.
Today we will quote annually a lot of tons of goods through logistics services through our advanced means of transportation and highly qualified professionals, 
And thus through hard work, dedication and most importantly, it became a positive attitude proves that the integrated transport and logistics services be reliable and more professional.
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  • Our Philosophy

    creative Thinking and professional performance:We ABC Cargo offer shipping and logistics services as it Read More
  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be one of the most powerful and reliable carriers in Egypt and the Middle East. Read More
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to win customers and business partners through trust and loyalty in achieving all their Read More
  • Our Objectives

    constant Reporting  to achieve a lasting strategy to put an image for the evolving needs of our customers Read More
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